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Real name: Rick Jones
First Appearance: Hulk #1 (March 2008)

Created by:

Loeb, Jeph

Team affiliations:

Avengers, Fantastic Four


Superhuman strength

Portrayed by:

A-Bomb hulk 3.jpg

In the aftermath of "World War Hulk", a new Red Hulk emerged, brutally beating and then shooting the Abomination to death. After this occurred, Jones escaped from a secret base in Alaska that had been destroyed in a "Hulk-like" manner. Following this, Red Hulk confronts Jones at Gamma Base, where Bruce Banner is being held. In defense, Jones inexplicably transforms into a creature resembling the Abomination, calling himself A-Bomb. During the fight, the base security measures activate, and giant android harpies (with the face of Betty Ross) attack the two, and attempt to remove them from the base. A-Bomb manages to disable one mid-flight, and they both crash to earth, the robot exploding as it does.

A-Bomb joined with several heroes including the Avengers, the Fantastic Four, She-Hulk and the Hulk to help stop an impending earthquake in San Francisco, which was caused by Red Hulk. After the Red Hulk was defeated, A-Bomb reverted to Rick. He attempted to reveal who Red Hulk really was, but was shot and dragged away by Doc Samson. In Incredible Hulk #600 it is revealed the reason Doc Samson shot Rick Jones is because he now has multiple personality syndrome. It's also revealed that MODOK was involved in Rick's new condition. After Red Hulk drained the gamma energy from Hulk, A-Bomb had enough intelligence to get Banner to safety. In Incredible Hulk #604, A-Bomb was shown to be fully healed, participating along with Korg as Skaar's sparring partner to prepare him for the time when the Hulk will return. In the same issue, Rick was reunited with Marlo, who was transformed by the Leader into Harpy, whom Bruce mistakes for Betty Ross.

It was eventually revealed that Rick was transformed into A-Bomb by the Intelligencia under command of the Leader and MODOK. Using the Abomination's blood they changed him to become their weapon, but soon learned that he could not be controlled as easily as they planned. Instead, they gave him one simple command with a certain trigger—kill Bruce Banner. Suspecting this, Bruce was able to trigger Rick at an appropriate time and talk him down, making it so Rick would not be triggered in the future when his plans were to be carried out. During the Chaos War storyline, A-Bomb and Korg assist the Hulks in fighting Abomination, a Zom-possessed Doctor Strange, and the forces of Amatsu-Mikaboshi. It is later revealed that Rick is able to revert between A-Bomb and his normal form

In other media[]

In the cartoon Hulk and the Agents of S.M.A.S.H., Ricky was accidentally turned into a being similar to the Hulk, and he coined the name A-Bomb for himself. He had complete control over himself and was basically an ally of the Hulk.

In the cartoon connected to this cartoon, "Ultimate Spider Man", Spider-Man visited the Noir world and discovered that there Rick is a human who works for Joe Fixit and uses the code name A-Bomber.