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The Absorbing Man is a dangerous enemy of the Hulk. He has the ability to take the properties of an object and use this to his advantage. This ability lets him also absorb the powers of the Hulk himself. Kicking Hulk's butt with his new abilities.

He even gained the ability at some point to absorb peoples minds thus gaining control of his victim. But after defeating the Hulk in battle he was tricked into absorbing a dead man's mind but being his being dead somehow caused a physical reaction briefly killing the Absorbing Man.

The Absorbing Man has defeated the mighty Thor on many occasions.

Carl Creel was a boxer who was giving a liquid of gamma radiation from Loki, transforming into Absorbing Man.

In film[]

For the 2003 film Hulk, the Absorbing Man was incorporated with the character David Banner (Brian Banner in the comics), the biological father of Bruce Banner.

In cartoon[]

In Avengers: The Mightiest Heroes of Earth, this character was created with Gamma radiation just like the Abomination character. The two help the leader transform everything into a world of Gamma monsters.

In Games[]

He is a playable character in Lego Avengers