Alice In Disco Land

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7 of season 2
Sigmund Neufeld Jr.
Karen Harris, Jill Sherman Donner
Original airdate
November 3, 1978
David Balon
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Alice In Disco Land is episode nineteen of the live-action TV series The Incredible Hulk. It originally aired on November 3, 1978 on CBS.


David discovers that the troubled teenage daughter of a late friend is working in a shady discotheque as a dancer. He tries to help her to overcome a dependency with alcohol.


  • Bill Bixby as David Banner
  • Jack Colvin as Jack McGee
  • Lou Ferrigno as The Hulk
  • Donna Wilkes as Alice Morrow
  • Jason Kincaid as Louie Shaw
  • Julie Hill as Joan Roberts
  • Marc Alaimo as Ernie
  • Betty Anne Rees as Molly Margo
  • Mo Malone as Rosalyn Morrow
  • Dennis Holahan as Art Philbin
  • Freeman King as D.J.
  • Rori Gwynne as Waitress
  • Brion James as Al
  • Jennifer Joseph as Girl At Disco
  • Miles McNamara as Bernard
  • Ron Diliberto as Boy At Disco
  • Denice Kumagai as Sarah


2-18 Alice in Disco Land

Ending sequence (also used in "Earthquakes Happen", "Like a Brother", "Captive Night", "The Lottery", "The Disciple", and "Patterns")

  • Cleverly mixes David's sensitivity with the Hulk's incredible power.
  • You can also hear a disco version of the Hulk theme in this episode.
  • Hulk out 1:  Falling through a rickety staircase while trying to get to the drunk girl who is about to jump off the roof, and then finding that she's locked the rooftop door
  • Hulk out 2: Trying to get out of the basement cage while handcuffed to a chair only to fall over a stack of boxed bottles and have them all fall on him


Co-writer Jill Sherman Donner is the widow of actor Robert Donner—who appeared in The Phenom and Sideshow.

The title is an allusion to the Lewis Carroll book "Alice in Wonderland".

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