10 of season 3
Richard Milton
Craig Buck
Original airdate
December 14, 1979
New Orleans, LA
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Babalao is episode ten in season three of the live-action TV series The Incredible Hulk. It originally aired on December 14, 1979 on CBS.


Amidst Mardi Gras, David helps a young doctor prove to a poor, superstitious community that a local witch doctor is a fraud.



3-43 Babalao

Ending sequence (same as in "Life and Death", "The Confession", and "Stop the Presses")

  • Hulk-out 1: Being thrown under a New Orleans Mardi Gras parade float by a mean guy in a gorilla suit who gives David a few kicks for good measure
  • Hulk-out 2: Making the High Priest of the Baba Yaga voodoo cult so angry with him by challenging a perfectly normal ritual sacrifice that several of the Priest's minions are obliged to beat the stuffing out of David and throw a cloak over his head


A babalo (or babalawo), the title Antoine Moray uses, is a priest in Yoruba religion, not Voodoo. A mambo, the title Renee uses when dealing with believers in Voodoo, is a priestess in Voodoo (the male equivalent term is houngan). But, since Antoine Moray is a con artist, mixing religious concepts would still make sense.

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