Dark Side

Dark Side

4 of season 4
John McPherson
Nicholas Corea
Original airdate
December 5, 1980
David Barnard
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Dark Side is episode four in season four of the live-action TV series The Incredible Hulk. It originally aired on December 5, 1980 on CBS.


While boarding with a troubled family, David's attempts to create an experiment that he hopes will control his transformations goes horribly wrong. Instead of quelling his aggressive emotions, David inadvertently brings out the dark side of his personality. This, in turn, results in a savage Hulk who is fully capable of wanton mass destruction and murder.


  • Bill Bixby as David Banner
  • Lou Ferrigno as The Hulk
  • William Lucking as Mike Schulte
  • Rosemary Forsyth as Ellen Schulte
  • Philece Sampler as Laurie Schulte
  • Taaffe O'Connell as Miss Farber
  • Jonathan Perpich as Jimmy Ellison
  • Nick Cinardo as Butcher
  • Marilia as Huntress
  • Lisa Carole as Judy


4-60 Dark Side

Ending sequence (same as in "A Rock and a Hard Place")

Hulk-out 1: Deliberately going to a disco club and picking a fight with some very large and angry men because while trying to cure himself, he injected himself with a solution that has unleashed his dark side.

Hulk-out 2: After crashing his car into a lake, injecting himself with an experimental drug that brings out the Hulk so he can save his friend from the sinking car.


William Lucking previously appeared in season two episode "The Antowuk Horror."

Music from the episode "Married" is used in this episode (during the 1st Hulk-out).

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