Darkness and Light: Part 3

Hulk and Banner

13 of season 1
Ernesto Lopez, Dick Sebast
Greg Johnson
Original airdate
December 1, 1996
New Mexico, Nevada
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Darkness and Light: Part 3 is episode thirteen of the animated TV series The Incredible Hulk. It originally aired on December 1, 1996 on UPN.


Suited up in powerful exo-armor, Bruce confronts Hulk in the desert. The battle is fierce and Hulk has a definite edge in strength. However, Bruce has intelligence and is able to inflame Hulk's temper – managing to defeat, but not capture him. Bruce isn't feeling so good afterwards, either – putting a damper on his impending wedding with Betty. It turns out that Bruce and Hulk must be joined together again, or they will die. Only the Nutrient Bath can rejoin them, but time is running out to find Hulk and save both of their lives. Choices must be made from all sides, but some events will change things forever.

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  • Voice cast lists 'Trubble' as Barking Dog
  • This is the last episode with Major Talbot and Doctor Samson
  • This is the first actual appearance of Grey Hulk – although he previously made a cameo appearance in Bruce's flashbacks in the premiere episode


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