The two hulks face off

Dell Frye is the main antagonist in the episode "The First (Parts 1 & 2)" in the The Incredible Hulk TV series (1978–82). He is portrayed by Harry Townes.

Frye is Dr. Jeffrey Clive's assistant. He was not a well man. He had gotten some blood infection. Clive said it was deadly, so he used solar panels connected to a machine to siphon gamma rays. What Clive had intended to do worked. Frye had recovered from the blood infection. However, one day, Dell was moving some equipment and injured his back which angered him and caused the first transformation into a hulk-like creature. However, this one was murderous because Frye was murderous. This was proven when he got into a fight at a bar and killed Frank Townsend, who had shot the creature. Seeing what Frye had done, Clive had gotten rid of the creature. However, a few days later Clive died.

Dell Frye kept everything in Clive's house working for years. A year before David Banner arrives at Vissaria, Frye's creature kills a young man named Walt. David tries asking Frye about the creature, but then finds out that David also turns into a creature. He tells David that he was the creature. He shows David the machine. Dell subjects himself to gamma rays, which causes him to once again transform into a Hulk-like creature. This creature is murderous because Dell Frye was murderous.

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