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Leonard Samson better known as Doc Samson is Bruce Banner's psychiatrist and close friend. He always tries to support Bruce but is a member of the Hulkbusters and has had to confront the Hulk some times. After he was exposed to gamma radiation, Samson's hair turned green and he developed super strength. At times Doc Samson has used his powers to fight alongside the Avengers and be a superhero.

Doc Samson fighting Hulk

In other Media[]

The Incredible Hulk (movie)[]

In The Incredible Hulk (2008) Dr. Leonard Samson has a brief relationship with Betty Ross while Bruce had disappeared for years. He has an argument with General Ross because he believes Bruce/Hulk wants to protect Betty. And he made it clear that he does not believe the general when he says he cares about Betty's safety. And when the general leaves, he says that he now knows why Betty doesn't talk about her father.

The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes[]

In this version he is an employee of a prison made especially for characters altered by radiation. A mixture of radiation leak and a shock from an electric villain left him like this. In the next episode it was revealed that he doesn't seem to understand the changes he went through, because the characters went into an area that turns everyone there into gamma monsters, he for a while wore a radiation proof suit, and stayed surprised when he remained normal even after losing the suit.

Super Hero Squad Show[]

He appears briefly at the end of an episode, the joke of the scene being that he wanted to calm Captain America down about the horrible situation they were in. But when he talked about the situation talking to Captain he was scared by the situation and the captain offered to calm him down.