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Dr. Elaina Harding Marks is a character in the pilot movie of The Incredible Hulk (1978-82) TV series, played by Susan Sullivan. She is Dr. David Banner's long-time friend—who was his classmate in college and then his colleague at The Culver Institute.

Elaina helps David try to find out how some people demonstrated superhuman strength to save their loved ones, and why he could not when his wife was trapped in a burning car. After David first becomes the Hulk, she helps him try experiments to induce another transformation in order to cure him. When David became the Hulk, Elaina is able to get blood from the creature and calm it down. The day after the second transformation, they assess the situation and try a technique. But then an accidental chemical reaction causes an explosion in the lab while David is outside. He braves the fire to rescue Elaina, but it is just too much and changes once again into the creature, who tears through the wall. The Hulk walks out with Elaina in his arms. He sets her on the ground, and she regains consciousness just enough to say that she has loved him (David) for a very long time. After her funeral, David appears at her headstone, where he exclaims that he loves her and that he thinks that she loved him too.


  • David Banner: "Do you think we will ever find where that strength comes from?"
  • Elaina Marks: "I don't know. But we'll certainly share a lot of donuts together, and I'll probably get fat."

  • Elaina Marks: [to David] "Hey, do us both a favor, don't get mad, huh?"

  • Elaina Marks: [her last words; speaking to Hulk/Banner] Oh, God. My poor David. Who will take care of you now? It's okay, it's okay, it's okay. I don't know if you can understand me, but I want you to know something. Dear David, I have loved you for such a very long time. And I always will... and I always will.

Parallels with Betty RossEdit

One could compare Elaina to Betty Ross, for the comic book Hulk series and her multiple adaptations, in the sense that they are both Banner's love interest, and in the 2003/08 movies, are scientists.

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