The Half-Transformed Hulk or Demi-Hulk is a character state in the two-part episode "Prometheus" in the series The Incredible Hulk when the Hulk is transforming back to David Banner but can't fully change, due to exposure of high radiation from a meteor crash. He was played by Ric Drasin for the body shots.[1]

The Demi-Hulk has a more muscular stature than Banner, but still smaller than that of the Hulk. While not as strong as the Hulk in full form, it still retains a large portion of abnormal strength, capable of easily lifting and throwing a downed tree.

The facial bone structure of the Demi-Hulk is much more like Banner in appearance, except appears with a more pronounced brow with bushier eyebrows, larger nose, and white eyes.

The personality of Banner is also affected in this form. David's speech appears much deeper in tone, his memory and judgment are also affected and is not as clear. The Demi-Hulk has less control over his anger and can easily be angered by the smallest of things.


Demi-Hulk is similar to Grey Hulk in the way that both are capable of speech while transformed in a hulk like state, while Demi-Hulk has to be half transformed to be capable of speech.


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