Hulk Wiki

Billy Crudup in Photoshop as the hulk by Benton Jew (1997)

Hulk is a cancelled late 90's superhero film under the direction of Jonathan Hensleigh based on his script he wrote in August of 1997 which the movie was almost going to be based on the title character before it was  cancelled in 1998.

Plot []

Bruce Banner is working for a corporation called Amalgamated Dynamics for a private firm who are working on space travel and wants to have the first man mission to mars and learns about the condition of mars and taking traits from animals to split the genes and slicing them into bits and pieces of the test subjects and pushing the mutations further with a dose of gamma radiation and pulls three convicts out of death row named Deacon, Hector and Novak and there is an escape attempt and something goes wrong and they all get blasted the three convicts and Bruce banner with a dose of gamma radiation and they began mutating, While Bruce mutates into the hulk and the three convicts turn into the insect men whom he will do battles with.

Synopsis []

( Spoliers below ) 

The script starts with three death row convicts from diffrent prision's named Deacon, Hector and Novak who all get last minute stays of execution, We meet Dr Bruce Banner working at Amalgamated Dynamics giving a lecture on the dangers of colonizing mars and it is a voice over this video showing all the diffrent things that can go wrong.

He talks about how a colonist would be much stronger more resistant to cold and higher metabolisms to survive mars, The convicts arrive at the launch base, hoping to put humans on mars and the convicts sign the papers agreeing to the genetic expariments to Banner and his college Molly Mickleson planning on subjecting them, and the idea here that they are stimulating the geneticly engineered bits and pieces from with gamma rays and it could stimulate the mutations.

This deal is facilitated by Mcgurk an agent from an unknown goverment agency