Hulk Robot
Real name: Hulk Robot
First Appearance: Eternals #14

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Superhuman strength, speed, stamina, and durability

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Rusty and Arthur are two Maryland Institute of Technology students who constructed the Hulk Robot to be the mascot for their school's all-star game, but Dr. Timothy Ryan considered it dangerous and wouldn't allow it. It was brought to life by cosmic energies released by the Eternals from Olympia when they emerged from the Uni-Mind. The energies granted the Hulk Robot sentience and increased its strength to rival the Hulk. It broke out of the lab and went on a rampage. When the National Guard couldn't stop the Hulk Robot, three Eternals members (Ikaris, Makkari, and Sersi) were called in.[1] Both the Eternals and National Guard were losing until Zuras entered the fray.[2] When it charged Zuras, cosmic energies leaked and it was rendered inert.[3]

Later on, Doctor Doom found the Hulk Robot and dismantled and rebuilt it to serve him.[4] He sent it to fight the Thing who thought it was the real Hulk after taking out the Grey Hulk.[5] When Thing discovered it wasn't the real Hulk during battle, he tore it apart.[4]

When it came to the Acts of Vengeance, Doctor Doom gave Jester II the Hulk Robot's parts and Jester rebuilt it (with the addition of humorous weapons in its arsenal) as a member of the Assembly of Evil. During the Avengers' press conference, the Hulk Robot attacked She-Hulk and had her on the ropes until Wasp attacked the Jester's remote control causing the Hulk Robot to go haywire. She-Hulk destroyed it by flinging it into an energy blast fired by Fenris.[6]

The Hulk Robot (or the non-operating version) was seen in a museum the Eternals kept in Olympia which held reminders of foes and their weapons. Zuras displayed the robot to Joey Eliot.[7]

During the Fall of the Hulks storyline, The Leader (alongside the other Intelligencia members) managed to obtain the Hulk Robot. The Leader used it to attack former member Doctor Doom when Skaar attacks. Doctor Doom fell victim to the Hulk Robot's "Poison Pill" when Bruce Banner arrived. The Leader then had the Hulk Robot carry away Doctor Doom.[8]

Hulk Robot later helped MODOK and the Mad Thinker's Gammadroid subdue Red Hulk.[9]

Red Hulk later drains the Gamma Energy from the Hulk Robot

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