Innocent Blood

Ghost Rider Hulk fight

5 of season 1
Richard Trueblood
Bob Forward
Original airdate
October 6, 1996
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Innocent Blood is episode five of the animated TV series The Incredible Hulk. It originally aired on October 6, 1996 on UPN.


The Hulk finds himself in Hollywood being hunted by Ghost Rider. Rick is trying to stop him, while General Ross orders Talbot to use the new tranquilizer ray on the Hulk. Meanwhile, The Leader is hiding in Bruce Banner's old lab with the Gargoyle.

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  • The nun is not named in the episode. The credits call her Rose Erak.
  • In this episode Talbot almost succeeded in killing Hulk.


  • Several times throughout the episode, the Hulk is talking but his mouth is motionless.
  • When Rick falls off the bridge, he falls down under the bridge instead of straight down.
  • After Ghost Rider leaves the bridge, Rick is lit from the front despite the light being behind him.
  • When Bruce sees Talbot, his skin is green. However, he seems to be continuously going between himself and Hulk and the skin color may be actually a side effect. Bruce's skin is again green when Rick finds him under the rubble.
  • Talbot disappears in the shot right after Ghost Rider grabs him.


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