Interview with the Hulk

Interview with the Hulk

15 of season 4
Patrick Boyriven
Alan Cassidy
Original airdate
April 3, 1981
David Butler
Chicago, IL; Atlanta, GA
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Interview with the Hulk is episode fifteen in season four of the live-action TV series The Incredible Hulk. It originally aired on April 3, 1981 on CBS.


Emmerson Fletcher, a great reporter who's career nose-dived after the death of his daughter Lisa finds himself working for the National Register—much to the annoyance of Jack McGee. While McGee is out of the office, Fletcher steals one of McGee's Hulk leads and discovers that David Banner is very much alive. Fletcher blackmails David into telling his story. Though reluctant at first, the two learn to respect each other and recognize each other's pain. Unfortunately, McGee learns what happens and is hot on both of their trails.



4-71 Interview with the Hulk

Ending sequence (same as in "A Solitary Place", "Jake", "Brain Child")

  • A very touching story as David recounts the events from the pilot episode and his subsequent struggle
  • Only one Hulk-out occurs in this episode
    • Instead of the normal first one, stock footage of the Hulk is taken from the episodes "Pilot," "Married," and "Dark Side"
    • Trying to escape his apartment before Jack McGee finishes bashing in the front door with an ax, by smashing the bathroom window, only to grievously cut himself on the broken glass


The visual pun on a notice within the National Register headquarters that the publisher is "Robert B. Steinhauer", which is also the name of the show's producer.

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