Incredible Hulk


Dr. David Banner
Powers and Abilities
Super-strength, quick healing

The live-action TV series version of The Incredible Hulk is created when Dr. David Banner accidentally overdoses on gamma radiation. And throughout the series, he is a wanted fugitive accused of killing David Banner and Elaina Marks, and is pursued by investigative tabloid-newspaper reporter Jack McGee

Differences from Comic BookEdit

This Hulk varies from the comic book Hulk in the sense that it is closer to a hero than the more anti-hero associated Hulk. This Hulk never kills or hurts anyone innocent, and when he does hurt someone, he barely injures them. During the pilot episode, Elaina Marks concludes that the Hulk retains Banner's values and instincts, and will therefore never harm or maim. It is demonstrated throughout the series that the Hulk's instinct is always to save and protect life.

The powers and abilities of this Hulk is significantly scaled down from the original comicbook Hulk. He still holds super-strength, a healing factor, and the ability to leap large distances (only seen in the "Death in the Family" episode) and jump off tall heights with ease, but to a much lesser degree than any other version of the character. However, his powers have shown to increase over time; in The Death of the Incredible Hulk, he is able to instantly heal without a scar left from a two inch-long laceration, that too in Banner form, and he is able to hold a tractor in each arm till they break down. This Hulk is also the shortest version of the character; while the other Hulks stand at least 9 feet tall, this Hulk measures about 7 feet tall.

Television series developer Kenneth Johnson wanted to translate the characters from the comic book fantasy into a live-action show that was more believable and acceptable to a large audience who were not comic book fans.


As the series goes on, the Hulk seems to gain slightly more intelligence, and become more understanding of the world around him, and to be in a relatively calm state. For example, in the episode "Captive Night" (season 3), the Hulk explores the mannequins in the store and falls in love with the green one. The Hulk also shows love and kindness to women, children and animals. In one episode, he helps preserve a bird's nest, and in another, the Hulk frees a rabbit from a trap. In "The Beast Within" (episode 4 of the series), it shows him tenderly caring for a tiger cub.

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