1 of season 3
Alan J. Levi
Craig Buck (teleplay)
Frank Dandridge (story)
Original airdate
September 21, 1979
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Metamorphosis is episode thirty-five (and season 3 premiere) of the live-action TV series The Incredible Hulk. It originally aired on September 21, 1979 on CBS.


When David rescues a suicidal rock star from a fiery car crash, she develops an emotional dependence on him. In order to ensure her safety, he takes a job as one of her road crew. However, it becomes readily apparent that the rigors of the rock-and-roll lifestyle really are not for her or him.



2-34 Metamorphosis

Ending sequence (same as in "Mystery Man")

  • Great special effects (for its time) – the Hulk shoots a bolt of electricity from his hand
  • The Hulk showing how much he hates Banner, while in a drugged state
  • Hulk out 1:  Unknowingly having one of the other guys in the rock band crew helpfully add some “orange sunshine” LSD to David’s orange juice, so that David has a really bad trip
  • Hulk out 2: Getting trampled by the audience at a rock concert
  • Contains the often used scene of the Hulk running away down the lighted alleyway
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