Nine Hours

Nine Hours801

22 of season 3
Nicholas Corea
Nicholas Corea
Original airdate
April 4, 1980
David Breck
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Nine Hours is episode fifty-six of the live-action TV series The Incredible Hulk. It originally aired on April 4, 1980 on CBS.


David has only nine hours to save a young boy and a reformed mobster from some angry killers. His only hope is to enlist the help of an alcoholic ex-police officer.


  • Bill Bixby ... David Banner
  • Lou Ferrigno ... The Hulk
  • Marc Alaimo ... Joe Lo Franco
  • Sheila Larken ... Rhonda Wilkes
  • Frank DeKova ... Sam Monte
  • Doris Dowling ... Mrs. Grasso
  • Phil Rubenstein ... Fats
  • David Comfort ... Timmy Wilkes
  • Sam Ingraffia ... Slick Monte
  • Hal Bokar ... Captain Deeter
  • Dennis Haysbert ... Guard
  • John Medici ... Danny


3-55 Nine Hours

Ending sequence

  • One particularly good scene involves the Hulk screaming in frustration when he can't find the car that he is looking for amidst the rush hour traffic of a big city
  • Hulk out 1: Being hit by a car and knocked twenty feet so that he tumbles down a conveniently open manhole
  • Hulk out 2: Being shot at close range with a silenced pistol, after standing up to the mob's enforcers


  • Marc Alaimo also appeared in "The Slam" (season three), and in "Alice In Disco Land" (season two)
  • Sheila Larken also appeared in "The Waterfront Story" (season one)
  • There is a brief in-joke in this episode: at one point, the voice over a loudspeaker in the hospital requests a Dr. Corea, an obvious reference to Hulk co-producer Nicholas Corea (who wrote and directed this episode)
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