On The Line

3-56 On The Line 2

23 of season 3
L.Q. Jones
Karen Harris, Jill Sherman Donner
Original airdate
11 April 1980
David Brown
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On The Line is episode fifty-seven (and season 3 finale) of the live-action TV series The Incredible Hulk. It originally aired on April 11, 1980, on CBS.


David finds himself suspected of being an arsonist when a raging forest fire ravages the area around him. With McGee in the area and more fires mysteriously appearing, he is hard-pressed to find the real arsonist before it is too late for them all.


Highlights Edit

3-56 On the Line-0

Ending sequence

Hulk-out 1: Being trapped in the middle of a forest fire so that burning branches keep falling on him and setting him on fire, and a giant, burning tree falls directly on him as the last straw.

Hulk-out 2: Being caught in an explosion on the edge of the fire that throws him into a tumbling, rolling pile of large, heavy pipes.


Director L.Q. Jones guest-starred earlier in season three as the title character in "Jake."

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