Agamemnon, a half-human and half-Asgardian god, is born immortal. Although he never physically ages beyond the age of 16, the Pantheon are all his descendants. Stationed in the Mount, their headquarters in a Nevada desert, the Pantheon recruits theHulk as a member and ally after he is transformed into the Merged Hulk persona. The Hulk accepts the offer as a means of making up for the damage he's done in his Savage Hulk days. The Hulk works with the Pantheon on many rescue and relief missions, the focus of the Pantheon's purpose. In return, several members help the Hulk out with personal missions, which sometimes dovetail into the Pantheon's intended purposes.

For a while, the Hulk even leads the entire Pantheon. Together they endure attacks by the U-Foes, confrontations with X-Factor and a vast space chase when one of the members is kidnapped by a lovesick alien prince. This eventually leads to a confrontation with Agammemnon, who attempts to ensure the long-term survival of his children — none of whom inherited his immortality — by offering the Troyjans the pick of his descendents in exchange for technology to extend their lifespan.

As Agamemmnon raises an army of deceased Pantheon members, the Hulk leads the rest of the team against their former leader in their final battle. The Mount is destroyed during a battle between the Pantheon and Agamemnon's cyborgs, the Endless Knights. Agamemnon and Achilles are slain during the battle. Ulysses leaves the group to find Delphi, who had left before the final battle. Paris wants nothing to do with the Hulk, but the rest of the team wants the Hulk to return. The Hulk refuses. Members of the team all have dense skin due to their Asgardian heritage, making them highly resistant to physical damage. They also possess superhuman strength, stamina and durability, a healing factor, and they do not age.

Vali Halfing
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