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Real name: Gregory Crawford
First Appearance: Rampaging Hulk vol. 2 #2

Created by:

Glenn Greenberg

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Can transform into a green-skinned creature who is stronger and more intelligent than the Hulk himself

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Ravage is an enemy of the Hulk, who has appeared in various Marvel comic books. He is also in the Hulk video game, and is the secondary antagonist of the game.


Ravage (Geoffrey Crawford), as he appears in Rampaging Hulk Vol. 2 #2

Ravage was originally Dr. Geoffrey Crawford, a scientist that had made a machine to cure his multiple sclerosis, a degenerative nerve disease. Crawford then was exposed to gamma radiation and had then turned into Ravage.

Banner had also turned into Hulk and had fought Ravage. They had both then turned back to human at sunset, after the brawl.

Crawford has also tweaked up his machine to turn himself in Ravage permanently, preventing from becoming Geoffrey Crawford once and for all.

Crawford, now a permanent Ravage, had attacked his university to terrorize all who had pitied him as Dr. Geoffrey Crawford. Hulk then appears, allying with a highly unlikely partner of Ross to stop Ravage from terrorizing the university. Sadly, Ravage was to make another appearance but this was canceled due to Rampaging Hulk being canceled.


Ravage is a hulk-like monster who also is exposed to gamma radiation. He is slightly taller (at 7'2") and 1600 lbs (at peak mutation) heavier than Hulk (7'0" and 1,150 lbs.) and stronger, lifting between 50–75 tons more than a calm Hulk's 100 tons. Ravage's powerful legs can propel him across multiple states creating small craters on landing. His gamma radiated eyesight can spot a dime from his highest leap but no x-ray visions or fire vision. After Crawford's tweakings to his machine, Crawford is now permanently Ravage and he can toss a locomotive to the moon and retrieve it. Ravage tweaked his computer program to keep him as Ravage permanently.

Video Game[]

Ravage is also a villain in the 2003 video game Hulk. He touches the gamma orb, his own creation, and subsequently transforms into Ravage. Hulk then chases Ravage on the rooftops and then in the sewers. Ravage escapes, making Hulk fight Half-Life, the vampire. After arriving in Alcatraz, Hulk fights Madman. On Hulk's way to Leader, he finally confronts Ravage. They have a brawl, having Hulk as the victor and Ravage turn back into Crawford.

List of Ravage's video game dialogues.

  • Hulk, you must understand. I was only to be like you. I'm not your opponent.
  • Cease and desist!
  • A wise opponent knows when to walk away.
  • Witness my might.
  • You clumsy oaf.
  • Watch your balance.


Ravage and Abomination are both highly similar, as both are stronger and bigger than calm Hulk, both cannot turn back and both have been given gamma radiation by themselves.

In a canceled comic of the Hulk, Ravage had intended to have yet another transformation, turning him into True Ravage. He was depicted as being gigantic, with not much muscle showing and his skin being horrifically stretched over his anatomy as a result. In this form, he is much bigger than the Hulk, the Abomination, Madman, the Devil Hulk, Giant Man, and possibly even Fin Fang Foom.