The Creature and the Cavegirl

Hulk in Love

7 of season 1
Martin Pasko
Original airdate
October 30, 1982
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While in New York, Bruce hopes to use a device to travel through time and prevent himself from ever becoming the Hulk by stopping Rick from entering the Gamma Bomb test site. Meanwhile, Rita is bitten by a poisonous lizard while making a student film in the desert. Only Banner's computer can analyse her blood for a cure to be found, but Banner is in New York and becomes the Hulk after a power failure in the lab. The Hulk accidentally activates the "Time Projector", transporting him, Rick, Betty, Major Talbot, General Ross and the main lab itself to 1,000,000 B.C.. Back in the future, Rita's condition is deteriorating without Banner's activation code for his computer. In the past, the Hulk comes to the rescue of a cavewoman named Umela, and they become attracted to each other. Umela's jealous former boyfriend, Nagira kidnaps Umela. The Hulk tires after searching for her for a while and turns back into Banner. He and Rick go back to the time-lost lab and meet up with Betty, her father and Talbot. Umela escapes from Nagira and heads towards the lab. Banner, while attempting to fix the Time Projector, and everyone else are affected by poisonous spores from a prehistoric plant. The spores knock everyone out but Banner, who becomes the Hulk, just in time to rescue Umela from Nagira. With time running out for Rita in the 20th Century, the Hulk must be transported back in order to save her as Bruce Banner, at the cost of the Hulk's relationship with Umela.


  • Michael Bell ... Bruce Banner (voice)
  • Susan Blu ... Rita (voice)
  • Roberto Cruz ... Rio (voice)
  • Hamilton Camp ... Dr. Brandon Jones (voice)
  • Elliot Field ... Nagira (voice)
  • Victora Carroll ... Umeela (voice)
  • Pat Fraley ... Major Talbot / High School Film Clubmember (voice)
  • Bob Holt ... The Hulk (voice)
  • Michael Horton ... Rick Jones (voice)
  • Robert Ridgely ... General Ross (voice)
  • B.J. Ward ... Betty Ross (voice)
  • Stan Lee ... Narrator (voice)


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Hulk loves cave woman

Hulk loves cave woman

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