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The Marvel Super Heroes was an American/Canadian animated television series starring five superheroes from Marvel Comics. It was first syndicated, on U.S. television, in 1966 and was Marvel's first TV series.

Produced by Grantray-Lawrence Animation, headed by Grant Simmons, Ray Patterson and Robert Lawrence it was an umbrella series of five segments, each approximately seven minutes long, broadcast on local television stations that aired the show at different times. The series ran initially as a half-hour program made up of three seven-minute segments of a single superhero, separated by a short description of one of the other four heroes. It has also been broadcast as a mixture of various heroes in a half-hour timeslot, and as individual segments as filler or within a children's TV program.

The segments were: "Captain America", "The Incredible Hulk", "Iron Man", "The Mighty Thor", and "The Sub-Mariner".



Episode Title

Original Airdate

1 "The Origin of the Hulk, Enter the Gorgon, To Be a Man"
2 "Terror of the Toadmen, Bruce Banner: Wanted For Treason, Hulk Runs Amok"
3 "A Titan Rides the Train, The Horde of Humanoids, On the Rampage!"
4 "The Power of Dr. Banner, Where Strides the Behemoth, Back from the Dead"
5 "Micro Monsters, The Lair of the Leader, To Live Again"
6 "Brawn Against Brain, Captured At Last, Enter the Chameleon."
7 "Within this Monster Dwells a Man; Another World, Another Foe; The Wisdom of the Watcher"
8 "The Space Phantom, Sting of the Wasp, Exit the Hulk"
9 "Hulk vs. Metal Master, The Master Tests His Metal, Mind Over Metal"
10 "The Ringmaster, Captive of the Circus, The Grand Finale"
11 "Enter Tyrannus, Beauty & The Beast, They Dwell in the Depths"
12 "Terror of the T-Gun, I Against A World, Bruce Banner is the Hulk"
13 "The Man Called Boomerang; Hulk Intervenes; Less Than Monster, More Than Man"