The Lottery

Hulk lottery 8

17 of season 3
John McPherson
Allan Cole, Chris Bunch
Daniel B. Ullman (story)
Original airdate
February 15, 1980
David Becker
Houston, Texas
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The Lottery is episode seventeen in season three of the live-action TV series The Incredible Hulk. It originally aired on February 15, 1980 on CBS.


David is befriended by a newsstand owner, Harry Henderson, who also happens to be a retired con artist. David is ecstatic when Harry gives him a lottery ticket that ends up winning a $250,000 prize. The new influx of cash can buy some sophisticated science equipment to help him perform the research needed to find a cure for his transformations. Unfortunately, he can't collect the money because doing so would reveal his identity. To get around this problem, he asks Harry to collect the money on his behalf. However, he has other ideas that lead to a great deal of trouble for David.


  • Bill Bixby as David Banner
  • Jack Colvin as Jack McGee
  • Lou Ferrigno as The Hulk
  • Robert Hogan as Harry Henderson
  • Luis Avalos as First Official
  • Peter Breck as Hull
  • Russell Arms as Announcer
  • Jimmy Hayes as Guard
  • Adam Thomas as Steve Simpson
  • David McKnight as Officer Clark
  • Jack Denbo as Man
  • Christi Corso as Mugger
  • Peter Bruni as Lover
  • Charles A. Tamburro as Pilot


3-50 The Lottery

Ending sequence (same as in "Alice in Disco Land", "Earthquakes Happen", "Like a Brother", "Captive Night", "The Disciple", and "Patterns")

  • Some amusing Hulk scenes (example:). While David eludes hotel security, he transforms into the Hulk in a ventilation shaft. The Hulk unwittingly crashes into a room where an attractive woman is stepping out of her shower. He pauses for a moment and gives a smirk, before continuing with his rampage.
  • Hulk-out 1: Wandering around in the service ducts of a hotel, he accidentally yanks several of the steam pipes loose and gets a full blast of hot steam.
  • Hulk-out 2: Getting beat up and thrown in a closet, and while thrashing around and trying to get out, sticking his hand in a box of broken glassware.
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