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The U-Foes

The U-Foes are a group of enemies that appear in The Incredible Hulk video game and various Marvel comics like Marvel Adventures 6: The Avengers.



Real Name: Simon Utrecht

Simon is able to use the distinct ability of telekinesis. Simon is also able to concentrate telekinetic blasts which are able to harm even the Hulk. In The Incredible Hulk, Vector fights by controlling a large mass of rocks to use as a shield. Hulk would need to break this wall while being attacked by him in order to hit him.


Real Name: Ann Darnell

Ann is able to genetically turn her body into any type of gas. She would usually use a very poisonous gas like methane. Sadly, Ann is only able to stay in her human form for a very short period of time. In The Incredible Hulk, Vapor attacks by turning into different kinds of gases and attacking the Hulk, either draining his health or rage.


Real Name: Jimmy Darnell

Jimmy is a being of pure energy who can fly and fire blasts of radiation at his enemies. In The Incredible Hulk, X-Ray attacks by firing charges of energy at Hulk. Hulk cannot get near him until X-Ray is drained.


Real Name: Michael Steel

Steel has been permanently transformed into a metallic monster. He is extremely strong, durable and also is able to manipulate his weight, as well as fly. Steel's former Ironclad transformation was all jagged, but a mishap with his weight altering powers had forced him down, bending the jagged steel parts into smooth, human-like skin.