Wolverine is an member of the X-Men in Marvel comics.Wolverine is an ally and sometimes enemy of the Hulk


Wolverine possesses an accelerated healing factor this ability allows him to survive injuries that would otherwise kill or injure most.He can regenerate limbs,organs and even had his eyes gouged out it also gives him immunity to all diseases,prevents him from getting drunk or being on drugs and even slows or maybe even ceases his aging.He is one of the few characters to ever survive blows from the Hulk especially in his world breaker form.However Wolverine still needs his head attached to body to survive otherwise he'd die and can die from a lack of oxygen.Wolverine has retractable claws with three from each hand(One unsheathing from each knuckle) these were bone originally but are now Adamantium like his skeleton,he also has enhanced senses that are better than humans even most animals and as well he is strong enough to lift 2 tons,fast and agile enough to dodge bullets.

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